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EcoEd Foundation was established as a 501(c)3 charitable organization by the Kurth Family in December 2001. Each year the Kurth Family makes a contribution to EcoEd, as well as solicits donations from other individuals and organizations. Members of the family voluntarily serve as Officers and Board Members.

The current Board of Directors and Officers of the Foundation include:
Krista Kurth, Chairperson and President
Heidi Kurth Cook, Secretary/Treasurer
Scot Kurth, Secretary, Vice President of PEVECOPMT
Topher Kurth, Vice President

The Board keeps the operating expenses to a minimum and, to date, all expenses have been covered by donations from Kurth family members, made over and above donations given by the family for grant distribution. Currently, more than 90% of contributions made to EcoEd Foundation have been distributed as grants. It is a long-term goal of the family to create an endowment that will enable to Foundation to maintain a steady flow of grants for many generations to come.