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Applying for a Grant

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Requirements for Grantees:

All grantees must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a non-profit, educational organization or public charity
  2. Be involved in projects and endeavors concerning environmental protection or education in the Bahamas or Caribbean
  3. Be able to provide written material in, and verbally communicate in, English
  4. Be able to provide information that will enable EcoEd to establish US public charity equivalency
  5. Be willing and able to provide an annual report on grant activities

Description of Grant Process:

All organizations desiring a grant must meet the requirements listed above. EcoEd does not consider any requests from groups who do not meet these conditions.

In order to make a request, organizations must go through the following steps:

Step 1. Initial Application:
Fill out an application and provide all supporting information stipulated.The Board will conduct a pre-grant inquiry to determine that the applying organization meets all requirements and can fulfill the charitable purposes of a grant. The Board will review the application and have discussions with people working in the applying organization. Additional investigation may be undertaken if more information is deemed necessary.

The deadline for all grant applications is March 30th each year. The Board of EcoEd typically reviews grant awards once a year in the spring, making final grant decisions in May or June. However, occasionally the board will consider emergency requests if funds are available.

Step 2. Grant Agreement:
Once a grant request has been awarded, the director or officer of the grantee organization must sign a letter of agreement that specifies the charitable purposes of the grant. The agreement commits the grantee to the following:

  1. Stating that they will use the funds for the activities described on the grant application.
  2. Submission of annual reports.
  3. Maintenance of books and records that are available to EcoEd at reasonable times.
  4. Prohibition of use of the funds to carry on propaganda or attempt to influence legislation, to influence the outcome of any public election or to carry on in any way a voter registration drive, or to undertake any activity for non-charitable purposes.
  5. Repayment of funds not used for the grantís purposes.

Step 3. Annual Report:
Grantee organizations must provide an annual report that includes financial information as well as a description of activities funded by the grant. The report should describe how the funds have been used, demonstrate compliance with the terms of the grant agreement, and show how the grantee organization is making progress toward achieving the purposes for which the grant was made.

Instructions for Applying:

For New Grantees:

  1. Download a copy of the EcoEd Grant Application or write to:
    June Jager Norman
    3780 N. 169th Street, Brookfield, WI 53005

    to request an application.
  2. Complete the application and mail it along with requested documentation for determining US charity equivalency to June Jager Norman at the above address so that it arrives no later than March 30th. Please indicate on the application if it is an emergency request.
  3. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of EcoEdís grant decisions no later than mid June.
  4. Notification of approved awards will be sent along with a letter of Grant Agreement. This must be signed and returned before grant money will be issued.

For Current or Past Grantees:

  1. Current and/or Past Grantees must submit a new Grant Request Application Form each year that they wish to make a request.
  2. Download a copy of the EcoEd Grant Application or write to June Jager Norman at 3780 N. 169th Street, Brookfield, WI 53005 to request an application.
  3. Complete the application and mail it along with a copy of the completed annual report form (which can be downloaded from this site) to June Jager Norman at the above address.