Central Andros Scholarship Fund

The Central Andros Scholarship Fund was established in September 2000, by Mrs. Gabrielle Douglas and several other teachers at the Central Andros High School, to provide monetary aid to graduating students who can not afford to pay for higher education on their own. Since there are no opportunities on the island to pursue higher education, students must travel to other islands or abroad to obtain further education. The goal of the fund is to assist qualified students in paying the fees for their first semester at a college of their choice. Many students, once they have enrolled at an institution of higher learning, are then able to obtain further assistance from the college they are attending or other organizations.

During the first fiscal year (September 2000 August 2001) the fund raised $7,700,which enabled five students to attend the College of the Bahamas on New Providence Island.

During the second year (September 2001 to August 2002) $8,700 was contributed to the fund, as well as two scholarships to Success Training College. As a result of these donations, the fund gave scholarships, of varying amounts, to 12 students, enabling them to commence higher education. Also, several students who received scholarships in 2000-2001 from the Central Andros Scholarship Fund were able to obtain further grants from other organizations so that they could complete their studies.

Students seeking scholarships must meet certain academic requirements as well as have clean behavioral records and good school attendance. They must also complete an application, which includes a questionnaire, an essay, and evidence of having submitted a college application. They must also have realistic career goals and attend an interview with members of the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee, which consists of # of members (made up of teachers, etc) carefully considers applications from all candidates and awards scholarships to those who meet all criteria, while keeping in mind wanting to support the maximum number of students entering an institution of higher learning.

As each school year begins, the Central Andros Scholarship Fund appreciates the individuals and organizations who are willing to offer their financial support because they believe that the youth of Central Andros have potential to achieve great things and that with further education they can contribute positively to a society that assisted them in realizing their dreams.